Practice Battle with the Crimson Guardians

Today we had a fun PB against the Crimson Guardians, in which we reached to a max of 48 members that attended for the battle!



picture of our 2 troops that didn’t have the Doritos tag but attended the event

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Practice Battle Against Roti Warriors [RESULTS]

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged onto for a practice battle against Roti Warriors. We battled for a duration of 20 minutes and due to our large size advantage, we were able to win! Amazing work following tactics and formations. Keep up the hard work. Make sure to attend our next battle against the Crimson Guardians on Thursday at 5PM EST! 

Max: 47

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[Ausia] Super CPPS Training

Hello Doritos!

Today our Ausia division logged onto Super CP for some Spanish training!

Max 43

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