Interview: Mustapha10

Today, we are going to be interviewing one of the Dorito’s leaders: Mustapha10.

How long have you been involved within DCP?
Mustapha: I’ve been apart of the Doritos of CP since 2010!

How was your journey to the top like?
It all started when Wwebestfan recruited me off of Riffy888’s CP cheats / mascot tracking chat and since then the Doritos was the only army I was ever loyal to. DCP became my home army, my second family – an escape from reality even. It took me a while to become leader, over 2 years! I did many things to try to prove myself worthy as a leader, going as far as to make my own army called the Pizza Warriors in 2012 – getting them to the top 10! I later learned that it wasn’t the correct way to earn leader. Nonetheless, I finally got the opportunity to lead by pure luck and chance. I was 2nd in command under Arch and Alfrondo and they both happened to be inactive and as a result the army was in bad shape as it was already since Wwebestfan had retired, so they gave me a shot as leader!

What is your most memorable moment within DCP?
Being as I have been in this army since 2010 I have made so many memories over the years that will not be forgotten and lots of joyful good times and laughter as well as many huge accomplishments, I try to make every moment here fun for me and everyone else around me because that’s what we’re here for – it’d be too hard to choose a particular memorable moment.

What do you look forward to every event?
At every event, I look forward to entire rooms and servers being flooded by orange penguins at my command.

What advice would you give to new members?
New members, have fun – this is a great place for you to be enabled to make new friends and have fun, that’s the most important part. If you find yourself wanting to become a leader, act the part – act like a leader to become one!

What is your role as a leader?
Personally, I tend to find myself motivating people as a leader. I have other duties as well, I’m required to make the best decisions for the people that allow me to be their leader. I try my best to ensure everyone has fun and can fit in and make friends here. Ensuring that the Doritos are always number 1 among other things like being strategically superior in wars and never losing any battles ever. As a leader I also find myself being somewhat of the enforcer – I tend to try to make the rankings system in the Doritos the most prestigous and fair rankings system to have ever existed and as a result if people don’t play the part they ultimately lose their prestigeous rank.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to encourage DCP?
Together we are unstoppable, because we’re more than just an army…

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