DCPNC – Christmas Party is here!!

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNC – Christmas Party is finally here!!! You know what that means?!!?!? Follow me for a walk-through, cheats, background, pins, rooms and so many much more! Buckle up because you are going to see so many things that you’ve never seen before! If you have’t gotten the pin yet, click here from my previous post. Also make sure you check the Winter Formal for a upcoming events this weekend! Click read more.

Before l start showing you the Christmas party on Club Penguin Online, CPO posted it on Twitter about the Christmas Party that is happening now!!

The Holiday Party is now LIVE on Club Penguin Online! Log on to do daily activities to win items, donate coins to Coins for Change, meet Rockhopper and get his new background, adopt new puffles and use the new transformation!
Only on Club Penguin Online ❄️❤️


If you would like to follow them on Twitter or would like to know more about the post, click here!

Before you log on to Club Penguin, Club Penguin Online has updated their cover for a Christmas Party that is happening today, till January 5th! Then when you enter the server to log on, Rockhopper will pop up a message on your screen.

Ahoy! Happy holidays from me, Captain Rockhopper. There be gifts to collect and donations to be made.

Now it’s time for me to show you the rooms, as well as the background, cheats, and so many much more for the Christmas Party!!!

Here is what the Map looks like:



Then click on the Coins for Change. You will be able to get a Coins For Change 2019 Pin as well as the Volunteer Stamp! You can just pay 100 coins and you’re done!

Image result for club penguin coins for change

Then press x on the right corner of your screen. Click on the Half Global and Fish Coin.

Theres many ways you can earn coins at, is by throwing decorations in the Forest, throwing foods at the beach food drive or throwing snowballs at the plaza’s bells! You can also get a Olaf puffle, Crystal Puffle and transform a Crystal/Icicle Penguin! Decorate with Christmas decorations and play treasure hunt at the Migrator(Rockhopper Ship)

Then go to the Plaza, go to the Pizza Parlor.

Then go to the map to go to the Ice Berg.

Then go to the map to go to the Mine.

Go inside of the Toy Workshop.

Then inside of the Mine Shake.

Then go to the left of the underground pool. (Bring back the old Christmas Party memories!!)

Then to the Basement!

Then go to the other underground pool.

Go to the Snow Forts:

Click on the Christmas calendar tree.

Claim all of the Christmas items!!! They won’t last until Dec 25!!

Check back tomorrow Dec 21 for a new item to be released!

Then go to the Stadium(Ice Rink):

Now go to the Town.

Gift Shop:

Night Club:

Then go upstairs of the “Santa Sled” to win a prize! You play the mini game 3 times to claim all three lightbulb colours! Yellow, Pink and Blue. All you have to do is put the presents in each room top for 15 times to claim a reward. 




Coffee Shop:

The Dock:

Ski Village:

Go Inside of the Santa’s Lodge.

Click the Camera, you will be able to get the background called The Big Cozy Chair background.

Ski Hill:

The Beach:


Go to the Migrator Ship(Rockhopper):

Go to the top of his deck!

Go downstairs of his deck!

Click on the Rockhopper’s treasure map at the very bottom right corner of your screen.

To get the Rockhopper Key, go to the Coffee Shop, it is upstairs where the books are located at.

Then go play some treasure hunt!

Also, go to map!! Then click Pond. I almost forgot about the Pond where you can get the free Pink snowflakes shirt for free!! 

Also last but not least, you can send gifts to people for 10 cents! If you want to be sent as a gift too, let me know. 😉

Wow!!! I can’t believe how much effort the Club Penguin Online has been puttin into for this Christmas Party! Even for the few rooms that has been returned from the old Christmas Party! What are your opinions of this party so far? What’s your favorite Christmas clothes, and what are you going to be?

Bye for now,

~Kyle103 was here~

Third In Command and DCPNC Creator


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  1. upstairs, in the nightclub, there’s a place past the ‘win a prize!’ thing where you can play some sort of game and receive items (christmas lights I thing)

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