Hello, Doritos!

When the Doritos of Club Penguin returning to armies was just an idea we created a discord chat about 5 days ago, we initially wanted to be allies with RF because Reacon was a member rank in the DCP and his army always maxed 5-10 in the original Club Penguin. However, when we only had about 30 users on our discord chat he tried to step all over us. He disrespected our veterans and threatened us. We also learned that he took advantage of a lot of his female soldiers and was bullying smaller armies – one of which was led by a DCP veteran. 4 days later we had over 600 members in our discord chat .. and we officially declared war on the RF.

Today, Reacon was banned from discord for breaking the law and sending inappropriate images to females on his discord server. Tonight we invaded RF. The RF is dead officially. We have won the war by default. We want to make it clear that our only problem was with Reacon, and not against the individuals within the army.

Fear The Shield

12 Responses


  2. Welcome to the DCP! Fear The Shield!


  4. Wow. My heart breaks for those who were in his army. We welcome anyone and everyone who joins us from RF. We are truly a family.

  5. Reacon is trash, thank you to all those who let us come in and be apart of your army.

  6. neat!

  7. Welcome to the family!

  8. To the victim(s) of Reacon, I really hope he burns in hell for what he did to you. He’s disgusting and I hope he goes to prison over this. The Doritos army is welcoming all RF with open arms, and your rank will be restored as compensation. I hope you enjoy your stay within the army if you have joined or are planning to. Family forever.

  9. thank you for letting us join you!!

  10. Thank you for receiving us since we just lost our family, we truly apreciate it!

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