Invasion Of Ascent [SUCCESS!]

Hey Doritos,

Today we invaded the Water Vikings server Ascent! We were in town for a whole 30 minutes and the evil Water Vikings didn’t even attend! What a shame, we were ready for them. :). We got good size compared to our last event and the tactics were amazing! Good job Doritos, family forever. We achieved sizes of 25+








dcp invades wv


All former Doritos are welcome to rejoin the at any time. We are going full force and we will be dedicated to only DCP and nothing more for a few months in order to regain our dominant presence and restore our number 1 title. We will be the number 1 army of 2016 as we were the number 1 army of 2015. This is our promise to you guys. Our time is now, and the need for every single available loyal former Dorito is greater now than ever before. If you were a former Dorito you will be accommodated with an extremely high rank accordingly. We must stick together and break CPA records like never seen before. People will doubt us but we will prove them wrong in the end. The high demand for havoc in the future is inevitable and we will stop at nothing to come out on top. This is a family, and no one can stop us.


Enemies will envy our success, they will try to bring us down. We will use their jealousy as our motivation.

Event Postponed

The return of DCP was taken lightly, with our chat being flooded with people every single day, we decided not to recruit a single person into the army before reopening. This was a mistake and we should have done better for ourselves. We only deserve to see greatness from the Doritos, nothing less. This event was not in the Dorito Standard and I believe we could have done better, and thus we will be reopening next Sunday instead. Every Dorito is expected to be there.

Yesterdays event results:


What this above image shows is that we were able to inform plenty of former Doritos that we were reopening, and they answered the call. Each pool holds 60 people maximum, and here you see 8 people in the second pool.


I really appreciate everyone who showed up for this event, and although we decided not to log on in order to secure an even greater future for ourselves… always remember that united we are stronger than anyone could ever imagine. Doritos Forever.