If WV do not show evidence that they defended the server, then they automatically lose. They claim to be “playing hide and seek” and defeating us at it. I don’t think they’re actually logging on! They don’t even have any results post on their website, that’s two servers for us because they failed to defend. We searched for them on both servers and all but we’re here to battle, not to spread out across the server finding each and every WV penguin. It has been confirmed that DCP has won both of these battles, and the nile river can try to twist Commandos words but at the end of the day you have to either provide evidence on your website in a results post or you lose both of the servers. Doritos bow down to no one.

Also, as a side note I’d like to add the fact that DCP cancelled our event yesterday 3 times before deciding to actually log on. We still easily maxed 30, and we will completely devastate you, any day.


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  1. im gay and idk what im talking about

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