Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on Club Penguin to capture Polar from the Water Vikings at AUSIA times. As you know Chip loves to play by the rules, or should I say, nearly abuse them to the point of overall absurdity. Basically, his main excuse was that because didn’t find him in 5 minutes, the server remains WV’s. We maxed about 7+, while Chip was in a room by himself claiming victory because we didn’t find him in 5 minutes. Lol..

aus 3

Personal opinion: So I know that rules exist, and they exist to keep and maintain order and understanding throughout the community. With that being the case, tell me how one man hiding in a room by himself, claims he wins the server just because we didnt find him. (haven’t played that since like the 4th grade lol). Listen Chip, I know your father is the hide and seek mastermind, but you don’t poccess those same traits, and logically speaking, DCP wins with size and tactics, period. That alone should trump anyone who can hide the longest and claim victory, but hey, the rules are set for a reason, and he played his cards right.

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