My Stance

Hey DCP! Possum03 here. As summer vacation continues, people go to various summer camps throughout the summer. I am going to one of those camps during the week of 7-17. Because of this, I wont be on xat for the time being. I might be able to stop by from time to time on puffin, but I’m not sure. I’m really looking forwards to this and I hope you all enjoy yourselves while I’m gone. 

That being said, DCP is unstoppable. People will push us down, but we will get right back up again and keep fighting. People will fight us every step of the way, but we will fight back 10 times stronger and dominate. 

If you really need to talk to me, you can kik me @ PinkPossum03. Otherwise, have a great week DCP. See you soon.


DCP Legend

signing off

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  1. I’ll just text you

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