Send Silverburg to College

Hello, Troops!

So today we fought RPF, and this was the most pathetic battle I have ever seen. They didn’t even let us login because Silv asked me what room we were going to switch into together and I told him we just logged on, so RPF bombed us to try and hinder our sizes by locking our troops out but better yet they threw snowballs the entire battle to prevent us from even doing any tactics so we had to bomb them the entire time. Then Silverburg decided to trash talk but when I dared him to undo the treaty between DCP and RPF, he backed out instantly. How can a grown man be so scared? Haha DCP forever

orange moon

3 Responses

  1. … … I … don’t even know

  2. Can I stop getting these emails?!?!?!

    DCP Doritos Army of club pengu

  3. Didn’t know I looked like a school shooter. I fail at life? Yes, but do I max 10? Yes. But I can still make random CPAC posts :smirk:

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