Chronicles of Narnia | Fable of a Smurf

So earlier today, WV accused us of cheating. But here in the Doritos – we bring reality to you!

So basically, we actually found WV’s multilogs and their usersnames/passwords (LOL) and they just claimed that people like chala AKA tay [the mod] or Chilly AKA brad [the owner] and even myself were multilogs… They even claimed that anyone who didn’t have the same name on ranks as their CP name is automatically a multilog.

Then they think they hit a gold mine because West was saying “i multilog 20 penguins on a good day” but actually West says that type of stuff every single day, and I even remember him and Quinn linking that on main chat. West really doesn’t care if someone were to believe something so outrageous, because at the end of the day you are all clubpenguin dummies 🙂

Now anyone who just used their mind a little would know that this is actually super funny and only took place because we exposed them to the max. I can take WVs post and literally make the same exact post about ANY army. I can easily also take a picture of a leader joking around and use it against them, but nobody would actually believe it, right?

That’s all for now,



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