WV’s a major joke

Hello, Troops!

This army is so pathetic that they’ve only attacked us at our lowest points, and won’t ever get at us head on. They’re 1st on top 10 and they’re attacking an army that just reopened and isn’t in any top 10s. The best part about it is that we’re still much bigger than they are, in all divisions.

So they think they’re all cool because they got 1st on the CPAC top 10? Even though many IW troops joined, and not only do they hire owners rapidly but..

WV, you’re a joke and will never amount to the sheer strength and success of the Dorito Empire. We will crush you and put an end to your existence for good. We’re going to be doing Club Penguin itself a favor by putting an end to this army that condones hacking, cheating, and cyber bullying.

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