Is Spiderguy Retarded or Retarded?

Hello, Troops!

Today we will be discussing the topic of “moles”. Just kidding, it’s just an evil manipulating failure.

So, I checked DW site and I seen like 75 two word posts made by Spi, and one of them was beyond his usual retardation.  Spi, you should stick to strictly star wars posts.

First of all, DCP wasn’t in any alliances to begin with, and we didn’t “drop out” of anything. You might be able to manipulate 5 year olds but you’ll still be making a bigger fool of yourself than you already are. DCP maxed more than DW’s 24/7 low life recruiting forces. We did it 2 hours after we opened, without recruiting a single person, and it was unscheduled. How many times do I have to completely humiliate you? It’s getting old, stay in your lane.

Can’t even fight a 1v1 war

2 Responses

  1. Wow…. Even though I don’t see the point but I KNOW we won’t quit…
    -Hamster’s sister
    P.S I’m just playing, I HAVE NO SLIBLINGS

  2. Spi’s not ALWAYS retarded, lmfao

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