Why you must fight hard in this war!

Hello Doritos!

As we have declared war on the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin.  It is time we give a more detailed version of our reasons of why we have taken this abrupt but justified and important action.

A few days ago, in a desperate attempt to stump the growth of DCP.  Toysoldier (Dark Warriors Leader) Bought out the DCP domain (doritosofcp.com) so we could not obtain being the first website on Google.  Which doesn’t sound bad but is due to the fact that we cannot autotype until this issue is fixed and we have obtained the position of first on Google.  Along with this issue, Toysoldier Doxed one of the DCP 2ics.  Along with his doxing and ddosing’s of many other people in the community.  The Dark Warriors have done nothing for this community except make terrible actions to cause trouble and ensure that they keep their place in number 1.  Even if it means spending actual money to buy a domain just to keep someone from taking their spot.

So what can we do guys?

We can be a massive part of this war if we continue to use alternative recruiting methods and stay on top of DW.  We, along with our brothers and allies in this war.  Can take down the Dark Warriors once and for all.

So lets get on this guys! Keep recruiting and attending events if you want to win this war!


6 Responses

  1. I suggest the Ice Warriors not get involved with this LOL let the Dark Warriors and DCP handle this war themselves

  2. first ❤

  3. The only sense Waffles ever said






  5. tl;dr

  6. eyuwijksmd,

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