thanks fam may be over but just think of what we did here..all the memories that we’re made and the many people that you made friends with.

I’m proud to just have been here with so many awesome people and truly honored to be inducted into Legends status..thank you.

And for the people that joined along in this journey


love ya fam – jester


Thanks Again

Merry Christmas sea-dogs,

Mornin’ all penguins/people. Don’t get me wrong i thought plenty of times of restarting DCP but there is always something holding us back..

I recently went on a auto-typer check spree to check out phrases and I ended up finding out that nearly every DCP phrase has been patched and blocked including the following: DCP, DCP Army, Doritos Army, Doritos of CP, Club Penguin Doritos, Doritos CP, DCP of CP any just about every other word besides “Doritos”.

This maybe its CP’s way of forsaking us, or this could truly be a sign of the end.

But on a final note:

Years ago i joined this army as a noob myself, starting out as a captain i made my own way up the ranks. I have seen nearly every one of DCP’s leaders triumph and eventual fall along with every single generation of DCP along with every single closing. But never once did i imagine i’d have to be the one to close the curtain

Now I’d like to thank every single one you who made it happen, the people, the friends the soldiers and all of the former leaders who constantly came in support those who knew what was right and tried there very best for the overall better of DCP. This is has been a amazing blast and an amazing army, and its all thanks to you guys.

After I retired from DCP to live in Brazil for the summer I came back to the site to check on how things were going and DCP had flew through a golden age where they had finally hit 1st, But by the time i had shown up it was already already over and DCP was shattered. Never in a million years did I see something this amazing happening to DCP, up until that point I remembered DCP in much different way from what it had later formed into.

When i returned to check on DCP from my long trip i was suprised to see it had been reformed the current leaders were 13yearoldnoob, Carter, Paco, and Mustapha10. Many of whom i hadn’t heard of at all until that point (besides Carter) but I watched them all closely and eventually came in as a Advisor, At this point the power in the army was split and shared equally as they were all editors on the site (I was still admin from before i Left). With that many fights happening I realized someone had to have the better judgement here, After a long thoughts and evulations I realized then and still back this decision up, that Mustapha10 was the perfect man for the Main Leader of Doritos. He had previously lead before with Brandon and Cul, The way he planned out things and discussed wars/events were much more professional. I realize that many people hate on him and have it out for him, and trust me I understand, But you have to give him credit. Had I given the balance of power to anyone else, DCP would certainly have failed. This was the generation I remember running into after i came home and I thought “Hell i’ll go check on DCP”.

Those leaders were just the start of something amazing as the months and years went on amazing leaders formed up and joined into the ranks some that are the most loyalist people I’ve ever meet West, Toy and Jester have to be the most notable leaders there after, as many others leaders were on a bandwagon or have a tendency to hop. These leaders were always there for DCP whenever they needed them the most and constantly sought to increase and help DCP as much as they could even when they weren’t apart of it or retired. Though this may be for just setimental value only I’m readding Toysoldier, adding Jester and “freshing up” West’s legend status.

This is just from my perspective of DCP over the past couple of years, please remember I may have been drunk half the time and i’m a wee bit tipsy now (if you couldn’t tell by this cheesy ass post)

 photo 516b6db9-0d9b-4ebe-be6a-6cab2bf114e1_zps78066763.jpg

History/Analogy will be posted soon,

And for the last time,








Aww, What The Hell…

Hello Troops

Or whoever still reads this…

I was just here to personally thank some people for killing my generation. 

First of all, if you’re going to wipe everything on DCP about Musta, you’re not gonna have a very good time. Musta may be a complete doo doo head at times but he did an alright job for what it was.

Second of all, the most inappropriate response the team could have would be to Give Up, and Shut Down. Like what are you showing here? Defeat? A loss to an internal enemy for the Greatest and Most Powerful army of all time? Unacceptable.

But sadly, the reality is, I would personally take over myself, but their just simply isn’t enough time or man power left for me to be enabled to do so. Which I also understand is probably the reason why we’re being shut down.

I know I’ve covered most of this in my retirement post (which has for some reason dissappeared) But I’ll repost it here.

Hello Troops!

This very well may be my final post here on DCP. (For Real This Time)

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