Massive Raid Today


Server: Frosty || Room: Town


8pm UK, 3pm EST, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1 PM MST, 12pm PST

We are facing the corrupt Dark Warriors Empire with allies

Be at chat 15 minutes before Battle:


Welcome Alfrondo, Your New Main Leader

Howdy Doritos,

Alfrondo has returned to the glorious Dorito Empire, to try and help us rebuild. He lead Doritos into the first Golden Age, he is considered one of the best leaders DCP has ever had. Kingdra will also be returning in 3 days as well, together we can make Doritos massive again and hit sizes of 20.

Fear The Shield

Protected: Recruiting Lines [PC Verum For Pass]

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Events For The Week 11/9/14

Well it is that time of the week again. Quick note before I list the events: I did expect us to drop out of the top ten due to the disorder of leadership this past week. I am currently working on getting us a new Aus leader. Now that the couping and quitting is down, I expect great things from DCP. More recruiting is needed, and events will become more frequent to further train incoming troops. And now the events.

Tuesday, November 11

Mystery Event

Location: TBA

8pm GMT

3pm EST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12pm PST

PB vs Dark Warriors

Frosty, Town

8pm EST

7pm CST

6pm MST

5pm PST

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This Is Our Time



For the past couple of months, we have went through hell and back just to survive and it seems like every time things are under control some tragic event happens that brings us to our knees. I’ve seen this army on the verge of collapsing many, many times but no matter what we went through, we always came back and proved the haters wrong.  We have proved to this community that we don’t need Mustapha or any other legend in order to to be successful all we need is to stay united. Were not gonna instantly see sizes of 30+ again overnight however, if we all put in a little of effort we WILL rise and crush anything in our path. I have rejoined this army for one purpose to get dcp back on its feet and more but the question remains, will you join me? Let’s show this community that this is OUR TIME TO RISE OR DIE TRYING!

Unscheduled Training Results

Greetings Dorito’s 

Today we had an unscheduled training on Summit. We maxed 10 and averaged 8, we will start scheduling events next week.

Read On For Pictures 

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State of the Union Address

Hello, Doritos! 

For some of you, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. For others, you may not even know me. I am DCP’s 5th leader, and I have been here since February 2010. I received leader in March, and later on received the spotlight of DCP’s Co-Creator. I have always considered DCP my home army and I cannot stand to see DCP at the various low-points that we may all experience at some point in our lives. This may not be the last time, either. But to give you all some insight and hope, DCP doesn’t die, and we have pulled through before, and we will now.

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Welcome to Doritos of CP!

New Recruits — Welcome to the Doritos of CP!

To start your journey in this magnificent army, begin by making a join application on the Join Page. Then go to the Official Chat box of the Doritos to chat with other troops there!

We hope to see you there and welcome you to the army! 😉

===> JOIN DORITOS <===

Guess who’s back + [US] Unscheduled PB vs WV Results

Heeey DCP!

I’m really glad to say that I’m back in DCP. I, Rishron, is finally back home! I really couldn’t be without this great army, which gave me so many wonderful memories. I kept on missing DCP, and so, I decided to come back.  Continue reading

My Comment On All Of This

Well.. I don’t really know what to say..

So for the ones who know me, the past me, know I will try my best with all of this. For those who don’t already know Rish retired after he snapped from the build up negativity and hate. I, in turn, took over as leader. It has been about three days and now West, someone I respect and think deserves so much more recognition has also snapped for the same reasons. He is under-appreciated guys and its ridiculous. I remember DCP as a great army, a great family, who respected and treated each other well. I don’t see that anymore, and that has to change right now. You all seem to respect me because I treat you well and respect you right back. This army will grow much faster than you think when we all learn to respect each other. I am not saying this applies to all of you, but it does apply to the majority of you all. West and Rish are perfect examples of what disrespect causes. I will not stand for this. I am not saying I am perfect, no one is perfect. I just don’t understand why everyone has to be fighting or arguing everyday on chat. I want DCP to rise to its former glory, it will take time, and lots of patience. Don’t quit thinking this is to hard, stay with us and push yourself to be something better, everyone has the capability, now prove to me that you are loyal troops and do this. I will no longer stand for fighting in the slightest, it is ridiculous and utterly pointless. Change is coming, great improvements are planned. Alf, the 5th leader of DCP may be returning, he was the one who recruited me, the one I modeled myself after. He is a great man and if he does return we will go very far.

Stay Strong – Sci