The DCP Administration

Hello, Troops!

As many of you know, I have returned as Main Leader of the Doritos Army. I, nor the rest of the administration, will be going anywhere. Just because Mustapha is thirsty for power doesn’t mean we give in, troops.

To Mustapha: You are RETIRED. As long as I am still alive, I will see to it that you do not gain control of this army ever again. 

To DCP: You all are protected by your current Doritos Administration. No need to worry, we have it under control.

To the CP Army World: We WILL be back.

In the following days, the DCP government will be setup, yet again. The positions will be wiped clean and elections will be held in the following weeks to come. On Friday, we will be undergoing an active count. For those of you who do not comment, you will be removed from the DCP Ranks, however, this does NOT mean that you  were released from your duty.

Below you will find the DCP Administration (owners and up, including the government ranks):



Purple = Main Leader

Green = Aus

Blue = UK 

Red = US

*Further explanation of ranks on the Empire Page*


Alfrondo, Sci




Sprite, Verum

Pippio, Meta, Superstar


DCP Government

President: TBA

Vice President: TBA

Senate: TBA

House of Representatives: TBA


Please stay tuned in the following days and weeks to come as the administration will be changed and altered accordingly.


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9 Responses

  1. ok im leaving a comment!

  2. ok i will join u plz accept me i am greeny242

  3. Guess I’m joining Doritos again

  4. Sophia is hereeeeeeee 6ic (ps i want 5ic)<3

  5. wait im commenting for toadliam because i think he is grounded or his mom died because the last time i saw him he said “I SWEAR MY MOM JUST DIED”during a battle soo please add toadliam to the ranks ❤


  7. More dramatic than putting a poptart in a toaster and having an instant pancake pop out.

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