My Two Cents

Hello troops,

As you may or may not know, there has been a bit of turmoil lately here in the Doritos. There have been rumors of the entire leadership being couped, all because Musta does not agree with the decisions. Well, I am here to tell all of you this WILL NOT happen. Mustapha, hear this; you have no power in this army any longer. I will not stand dormant and watch you relish this army’s great legacy. I may not be in Doritos anymore, but so long as I have some kind of power in the army, I will personally make sure you are never to return. You are corrupt and a tyrant. I will not stand for it. It’s time you make an adjustment to your condescending attitude.

Mustapha, this is my one and only warning to you. Recognize you are no longer in power. If you are willing to accept this fate, then all will be well. However, if you fail to comply, you will be reprimanded.

Lord West, Doritos of CP Legend

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