My Message to DCP

Doritos, I love you and this army. In one day we built a UK division of 12 and have got over 20 UK troops in 2 days. I know this army was going to rise, but because of some people like Mustapha and Rishron, this current leadership is getting fired. This is not official yet, but we are pretty sure this will happen. I put a lot into this army and you did so much for me. The loyal troops here are great, some of the best in armies. I will never forget my time here, but I would rather resign then get fired by Rishron who betrayed us for Light Troops.  We have achieved so much, but never forget the true legends. People like Toy, Kingdra, Bam, Jester, Wwe and Alfrondo. DCP is and will be forever written in the history of great armies.

The Shield Will Always Be Feared

I hereby resign from the Dorito Empire.

Note From Sci

No One Is Being Fired, The Musta Problem Is Dealt With And Any Troop Who Has Left Should Return

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