Family forever.

Toysoldier left DW and they started rising without him and got first after they had fallen out with him in the army. This shows that the army does not need him, he’s only returning because he has nothing better to do with his life and is incapable of creating new friends because he has too many disorders such as twitching and OCD and much more.

DCP is a family and nobody can change that and everyone who’s going against the army or isn’t in the army that should be in the army is just not a true dorito, whether they like it or not. West, Jester, and Kingdra should all be in DCP. If they choose not to they just aren’t true Doritos. DCP rises regardless, but when the family is all together, the army rises much quicker and easier. We are in a time of war, and the army has taken a slight fall. Whoever doesn’t step up to the plate and help out is just pathetic and whoever is leaving DURING the war is even more pathetic.

Drake retired “due to football” when football season began months ago and he was on every single day right after school which denounces the fact that he could of ever had any football practices. I’m sure he was able to join football 3 months late.

Enough said, now lets crush the dark side. 

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