Upcoming Battles!

Hello, Troops!

This week we have a ceasefire with the Nachos so we could rebuild. We’re going to have a practice battle and we will also be bringing back divisions and have a few division battles as well!

If you don’t know your timezone click HERE



❗ Invasion of Brumby ❗

Sunday, August 31st

Brumby, Town


3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

8:00pm UK

It’s really important that everyone attends these battles! Lets do this Doritos! Our time is now! 

Comment if you can come!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legends

29 Responses

  1. yes to all ~moospie~

  2. Can come to all!

  3. I can come to all!

  4. I can come to all!

  5. i don’t know if I can come



  8. […] brought back Divisions and we have a Division Battle this week, so many people have been asking me what divisions were. To avoid any confusion in the […]

  9. im coming where is it
    i am always ready for the battle

  10. yasyas all.

  11. I’ll be at all of them.


  12. I can come to summit and brumby. Sorry about the first one its midnight for me so not possible ❤

  13. coming to the last 2

  14. I can probably come to all. Gotta check my schedule

  15. i am coming to he first one


  16. Yes to all.

  17. i can only join the one on saturday

  18. Yes

  19. I can come to the battles on Saturday and Sunday. I have Taekwondo at 4 pm PST on Thursday, sorry.

  20. can come to all

  21. maybe im not sure if i can come to the


  22. I might make it. -Abhi (aka Abhisha)

  23. I cant come cause the battle is 5 am for me and on a school day

  24. I’ll be there.

  25. ill be there

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