Undercover Parent

Hello, Troops! 

A CP army legend known as Wgfv tested every army to see which army was the safest, and he found out DCP was the safest! Instead of reblogging the entire thing including every other army I decided to copy & paste the parts about DCP! Continue Reading to find out more!

Doritos of Club Penguin

The next army was the DCP. The parent was quickly membered. Soon thereafter we gave the spiel about our child wanting to join. The DCP was quick to explain that their chat was indeed safe.

Almost everyone on the talked me through the process.

During my time on the chat DCP had zero rules broken based on the rules that were prescribed below their chatbox. They did quite well in this test.


This is where I will be ranking the top 10 armies on how well they did in this test.  This will be very similar to the style of the top 10 armies of the week.

1.  Doritos of Club Penguin

2. Rebel Penguin Federation

3T.  Ice Warriors

3T. Global Defenders

5T. Army of Club Penguin

5T. Nachos

7. Dark Warriors

8. Golds

9. Light Troops

Water Vikings- Excluded From Test

I am proud of you all! Continue being the best army!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

3 Responses

    And, just remember, even though there is not always a parent of a troop on-chat, doesn’t mean that you can go and break the rules. Moderators and Owners, stay sharp & stick to the rules. We want to be safe. This way, if a parent thinks that being on a chat with pepes you don’t know personally is not safe, we can show them that with us, THEIR CHILD IS 100% SAFE!!!!!!!!

    Waddle on, KS

  2. 😀

  3. Thanks mustapha. This will really help my parents trust you guys.

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