Slushy Defended! [4-0]

Hello, Troops!

Musta’s Edit: Freezie, the stadium is when the battle actually started, and I made sure of that. When it hit the 30 minute mark you guys left the town immediately. I would also like to add that in previous battles the only time DW had a noticeably larger amount than DCP was when we were still logging on in the town, and you took pictures of that and said “17 DW, 11 DCP!!!1!”. I just take pictures whenever DCP does tactics, not when DW does bombs.

Today we have successfully defended our server from the idiotic & evil army known as DW! They thought they were winning throughout the battle, but in every room we were superior in size & tactics, count if you don’t believe me 😀








Defense of Slushy vs DW3Defense of Slushy vs DW5 Defense of Slushy vs DW6 Defense of Slushy vs DW7Defense of Slushy vs DW8Defense of Slushy vs DW9Defense of Slushy vs DW11 Defense of Slushy vs DW12Defense of Slushy vs DW15Defense of Slushy vs DW16Defense of Slushy vs DW17Defense of Slushy vs DW18

Defense of Slushy vs DW2Defense of Slushy vs DW1

Good job Doritos! We must keep thriving and growing and become the best army possible!



2 Responses

  1. We tottaly beat DW liek a BOSS!

  2. I came to the battle. DW was totally crushed into pieces

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