Order 100

Hello Troops!

It’s time for a new order.

Since our previous legislature has failed us recently, I have decided it is time to get back to business. We can’t remain in a dormant state forever! It also seems that although we always talk about fixing the problems we have, but we never take action, and this has to end. So I may now introduce you to a plan which I call Order 100.

Order 100 consists of 3 various plans and ideas that have been put together for actual use. These plans are not only revolutionary, but could change how DCP works forever!

First off, Let me just hit this one off the bat…

*Updated* Chat Rules

  1. No Cursing (2 Kicks Warning Then Ban)
  2. No Ads (1st=Ban for 72 hours, 2nd =Ban Forever)
  3. No Inapp Links or Photos (a Kick Then 24 hour ban)
  4. When their is no one on chat, stay their!
  5. When we say to chat recruit you are expected to either A. PC all of your online friends to come to chat (Even if they aren’t in this army/not interested in joining right now) or B. Be on one of the many Recruiting/Tracking CP chats, and talk noobs into joining us.
  6. Only Musta and Carter can create owner ranks. (24 hour ban)
  7. Absolutely no outside convos during events. (2 kicks then ban)
  8. Do not cause unnecessary fights on chat (2 kicks then ban)
  9. Do not unban banned users without perms from the person who banned them. (Demotion/Sinbin for 24 hours First time, second time perma demotion)
  10. Do not abuse your powers. (Demotion)
  11. Do not lie to owners (24 hour ban)
  12. Do not threaten other army leaders. (2 kicks then ban)
  13. Inapp Time Starts at 9:30 PM CST until 5:30 AM CST (Unless U.K./AUS Events Scheduled)
  14. Do not threaten Owner Ranks in any way.

—————————-(More To Be Added)—————————-

Now lets move on to the next part of Order 100.

Lessons on Chat Recruiting.

Chat recruiting can be simple if you follow some of these simple steps.

Don’t just PC people “JOIN MY ARMY!” start off with striking a conversation!


Me: Hey!

Penguin: hi

Me: How are you today?

Penguin: I’m good hbu?

Me: Same here! I’m just recruiting for my army so I don’t get demoted! D:

Penguin: Ohh that’s cool, what army?

Me: The Doritos of Club Penguin! Would you be interested in joining? 😀

Penguin: Sure! How do I join tho?

Me: Just go to xat.com/doritosofcp and the owners will set you up from there!

 Penguin: Ok thanks! I’ll see you there! 😀


and Finally, the new Promotion/Events Policy!

In order to receive a promotion,

  • You must make at least 4 events every 2 weeks (8 events a month)
  • You must not be banned for over 72 hours
  • You should recruit at least 10-20 recruits a month
  • and be active on chat as much as possible!

That should take less than a couple of hours of time out of your day! 😀

In order to not be demoted,

  • Follow all chat rules
  • Make at least 4 events a month
  • Be active on chat
  • Recruit at least 5  new people


and That’s just about it for Order 100!

Thanks for reading!


The Doritos Main Leader

5 Responses

  1. well if im musta or a leader that knows me will put me back on ranks i might as well forget trying to be a 2ic due to this order because im blocked from xat and that means i cant recruit -.-

    • You’re excused from the order. Nice to have you back. BTW you got a medal of honor.

      • I know i got a medal of honor 😀 I still look at the dcp pages

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