You want more fun?

Hello Troops!

Recently we’ve all been undergoing a lot of stress and problems on chat, and I think we could all use a bit of a breather.. So I have decided that in order to chill everyone out, the following events will be making their returns this week!

Game Night!

TinyChat Parties!

Xat/Rank Giveaway Contests!

Youtube/Music Night!


North Korea’s Air Force

Hopefully with the returns of these events this will inspire you guys to start coming to events again and having fun! Being in a CP Army isn’t about always being mad at someone else, we do this for fun, not to add on extra stress! SO let it be said!



Doritos Main Leader

5 Responses

  1. if your coming back you better not put photos from the past, for the top 10! (you should be put in the hall of shame)

    • Penguin257 I MISSED YOU
      Why haven’t you been coming on CP? 😦

      • im glad to see someone actually caring for me and i will try to come to the next dcp event! 😉

      • also musta i have been active because earlier in the year stupid leaders wiped the ranks and i never got put back on

  2. Lrn2″ReadMore”
    -.- I always do it for you 😥 ❤

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