Your new leader!!

Hello Troops,

Its me 13yearoldn00b.You may be wondering why i am making posts.Well because i am one of the 3 newly appointed leaders by Wwebestfan! I have wanted this chance since march 2012. I will not screw this chance up,and i promise to lead with integrity and promise for a change. I hope all of you are as excited as i am when i say Doritos of Club Penguin has returned!!


|13yearoldn00b|Doritos Leader|

Massive Recruiting!

Hello Troops!

Welcome Back to The Doritos of Club Penguin! Man it’s been a while hasn’t it? Well, I figured since most of you are ready to get back in the game this week, we will be holding MASSIVE RECRUITING SESSIONS all week, starting on Saturday, to help us ensure that we get back in the Top 10! As well as making sure that we are all ready to put up a fight, and reclaim our land!

What? Recruiting!

When? Saturday, January 26th

Where? Breeze, Town! BE ON CHAT!






You must be present to this event, or one of the events that will be held within the next week or so to be added back to the ranks!

-Carter Doritos Leader

Hello DCP! And Welcome Back!

I’m back on xat and i’ve decided to help out DCP a bit by inviting a bunch of troops from my DCP age and bringing them to join DCP. And to the leaders of DCP, you guys haven’t even been TRYING to recruit. You guys didn’t even acknowledge DCP, IT WASN’T EVEN IN YOUR DAMN NAMES. And Yeah, I accepted the Tostitos leader invitation, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help DCP. 😀

Until later,

March On!

Stay strong!

~Mustard DCP former leader/Temp Leader

p.s I’ll always be here for DCP, as long as im on xat. <3, and im not gonna be here for long cp armies and xat is boring now.. Expecially when DCP’s deadd :/

Signature Musta

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Hello Doritos!

Today, I have cleared the ranks because we need to clean the site up. Answer the questions below to be added back:

1.) What is your Club Penguin username:

2.) What is your former DCP rank:

3.) Do you promise to be active:

Be truthful about your rank, or you will be recieving member. So don’t lie, 


Stay Crunchy,

~Swag Shady
Doritos Leader