Recruiting Success on Avalanche!!

Carter’s Edit: Madafucka, DON’T OVER STICKY EVENT POSTS!

But anyways, GREAT JOB TODAY GUYS! I’m sorry I wasn’t their to see it/get a few more people, but it looks great! I only have a bit of advice for those who were leading; Try and get pictures of more than just a line Because that will get us reallly bad ratings in the tactics area, and we don’t want that! But over all, you did great! Keep it up!

-Carter Doritos Main Leader

Hello Troops!

You guys did an AMAZING JOB on Avalanche today!!! We started out in town with 10+ in The Town, and migrated on over to The Plaza only to see even BETTER results! We ended up maxing 20+, and were able to manage working on a few new tactics!

From now on, every week we will be hoping to have more successful events like this one!

Keep Scrollin’ for some Contributed Pictures!






Our chat size….


Good job Doritos!! I think we will manage to earn our rank back into the Top Ten in no time!


One Response

  1. Great job guys!
    If we keep this up we will make swat cry!! <:D

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