A post regarding majority of CP Armies

Seductor: I added a picture at the bottom(includes some language you might not be comfortable with.)


Lately, it has come to my attention that many people have been making up pathetic lies about each other; making each other look bad, but obviously, i’m going have to stop bi-standing this time and actually make a rant about it.

Even though I am retired from armies, it seems to me that I do have a say in some things.

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Hello Troops,

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Hi, I’m Crazy.

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CPAC Scary Showdown Round 2 Results

Congrats troops DCP/IW won the CPAC Scary Showdown Round 2! Keep up the good work. The final round will be coming soon so recruit! – Sci

Unscheduled Event Results

Hello Troops,

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Mustapha10 Temporary Leave

Hello Troops!

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CPAC Scary Show Down

Wwe: NEW Member/Mod/Owner/Troop of the Month! http://doritosarmy.com/memmodowner-of-the-month/

I can’t believe I’m doing this but it looks like you guys need some help.

Nachos/UCCP vs. Doritos/Ice Warriors

When: Sunday, November 4th

Server: Klondike

Room: Stadium

12pm PST 1pm MST 2pm CST 3pm EST 7pm UK