Le Coup of Pain & New Leader.

Aaron Edit: Also, Alfrondo has been grounded until New Years. So there is a new Temp Leader. You may not want to piss him off. You might call him a bias motherf*cker. But. The new Temp Leader is. Bluecockwa1. Bluesockwa1**

Hello DCP,


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Well its not a big surprise Pain got couped. Thanks to Alfrondo and actually seeing how he treats his troops. Me and Him overthrew him. Thank you Alf for saving DCP. Now. Regarding DCP other situation. Active accounts Top Ten etc, we cannot fall like that again. Thats what brought Pain back. We need to work together and not fight. This rule has been into play for along time. But not followed.


If you do not recruit. You will be 1. demoted. Or 2. Fired. That is all I have to say for now.

And also. I want to introduce our new Leader. You all know him. Hes really quiet. But he does what hes told. Your new Leader is:


Congrats to Unk! I believe he do well. Dont you? 😀

OH. I almost forgot. Pain will be added to the HOS for treating us all like dumbfucks and abusing us, and also tried to make DCP into a dictatorship.

Pay back is a bitch aint it Pain? 😀

Thats all.


8 Responses

  1. arron/any leader wwe took my off of ranks for no reason a little bit ago and i am active so can u please put me back on 2ic where i belong?

  2. Its about time we got rid of that bitch.


  3. Okay.

    I am sure you guys heard about me posing as the “Real Eyes” – I’m going to skip straight to the point.

    Pain was a great leader, everyone needs to leave him alone, I have seen how people treat him, and I know he can be a faggot and treat other soldiers like complete shit aswell.

    But no offense yo you Aaron, Pain is x10 the leader you are, last time you led DCP you killed it, so bad that Wwe had to come back along with some of the other leaders.

    Pain can be an idiot, but you must understand hes a good recruiter and can do good for an army.


  4. Unk will be one of the best leaders DCP has and will ever have. I know this. Even though its no surprise to me, congratulations Unk. Bring this army to a golden age.


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