Hey Leaders

Alfrondo: Don’t come to me wanting help on this. You HAVE to do this on your own, and can NOT depend on us. We won’t always be here to fix your problems.

This message goes out towards the current leaders of DCP.

❗ This post has swearing in it, be advised. ❗

You all have been made TEMPORARY leaders, Why?

Because you simple failed to prove to me that you can keep this army alive, you guys are a bunch of lazy fucks who won’t recruit when they claimed that they will when they received leadership in the first place.


You have until WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH, 2012 to get to sizes of AT LEAST 13+ or all leaders are removed from leadership by myself.


Don’t even try and blab about this post, because I simply don’t care what you think or say, my army isn’t mean’t to being a small army.


6 Responses

  1. Geez wwe, i thought u retired. ?

    Status:confused as hell

    • He is retired, and so am I. Just because we’re retired doesn’t mean we want DCP dead. It was the leaders job to keep DCP up. We didn’t make them leader for them to fail. DCP isn’t even ranked in any of the top tens on any CP Army News website! To sum it up, since we don’t want DCP dead, we will be picking new leadership if this is not achieved by the stated date.


  2. Hurtful D: and if the event on wensday is 6:20pm – 7:20 I can’t make it I have tei kwon do, but any other time is good.

  3. One of a kind Wwe’s funny rage.

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