DCP – wake up?

Hey guys,

DCP is going through bad times, again. Well we need to fix this. Leaders of the army please contact me through this post. Also, to the troops. DON’T GIVE UP. this is the perfect time to start recruiting and planning for the future, not to look at our past with no hope. start recruiting. DCP may I remind you what happened in early summer? Wwe retired, did we fall? YES. Although, we were so strong we were able to rise back up to sizes of 20-25+ without Wwe. Done once means it can be done again, but we need teamwork, we need active leaders and we need hope. It takes you to make a difference, attend events and do as much as you can.

Lets be that again.

6 Responses

  1. K arch

  2. why has the website changed from doritosarmy.com to thedoritosofcp.com ????

  3. That picture has AW in it. :mrgreen:

  4. Arch, maybe you and I need to make a reappearance so this army can rise. 😉

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