Hi, I’m Crazy.

Aaron: Welcome Back to the family my friend.

I’ve been gone for a while, and lets just say I’m back.

If you want to know who I am, just ask me. I’m too lazy to write my CP Army story here.

I had no plans of coming back, but since Mustapha contacted me in this time of need I have returned, as a DCP Owner (for now).  I am here to help DCP fight in these wars and triumph over the surrounding armies. I’m here to help DCP rise back up to it’s former glory and bring it into a new golden age. You can often find me on the DCP Chat, and if I am needed then you may contact me.

Godamn, didn’t know I was starting to sound like Pain there. But yeah okay, now that I’m done that very formal post of me and what not you guys can expect to see me a lot and DCP is sexy.

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  2. Good to have you back bby

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