Setting Rules.

Alright, time to set some rules here.

1. Chat Rules
2. Promotions
3. Organizing the “Dorito” system
4. Ranks[Join]

Chat Rules

The Chat has become a problem. I’m not going to mention any names but it’s time to set rules. First of all, you’re allowed to cuss[Not During Recruiting] and if anyone bans right away for that rule, they will be de-modded/ownered. And also you may not ban or abuse someone just because you do not like them. And here are the official rules. Mods and Owners who break these rules will be demoted. Everyone has 3 chances.

No over-cussing [1 Kick]

No cussing during recruiting [Muted/Gagged/Kicked]

No advertising [Kick/Banned]

No flooding(6+ Lines)[1 kick]

No asking for mod/owner[1 kick]

These are the official rules.


You get a promotion every month, not event. Anyway complains will result demotions. However, we will have a Promotion event once or twice a month. And unless we have reached a goal for that event, nobody will get a promotion. You may turn in your Doritos for a promotion. And I’m going to make this clear, 4ic’s do NOT get a promotion at the end of the month. The 4ic’s will either have to compete in an election or be selected by the Leaders.

“Dorito” System

Ah, this will be the new system for promotions. Every event, you will get 5-10 Doritos. You’re responsible for the count of your Doritos. Please do not lie about the amount you have because the leaders will see how many events you go to, if someone is caught lying, they will be demoted. So you will need 100 Doritos in order for a promotion. Also, a promo event will NOT clear out the amount of Doritos you will have.


From now on, no one may join for any higher than lowest mod. They will have to earn it. 🙂 If any higher ranks are asked, they will be ignored. Also, to stay organized, owners may not mod people without a leaders’ permission. Especially their friends. *COUGH AARON COUGH* So no one may join any higher than Lowest mod from today. Also, owners may not mod people who are not on the ranks as mod.

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