Declaration of War

Hello, Troops!

During a significant and extraordinary meeting, 3 DCP Leaders, 2 CPPA (Pirates) Leaders, and Burrito (AR Leader), have come to an agreement. We all think Pain should get a taste of his own medicine. Lets just take NW for example. Pain tried to pressure me into declaring war against NW and helping Pretzels invade them. Why would I do that, when I am owner in NW, and when we are also allies? I don’t want to make enemies. This is why everyone hates you, Pain. The troops at Pretzels who look up to you and bow down to you are arrogant enough to do that. You are no better than anyone else in CP Army Warfare. Get that out of your head. Every army you go to you ask for leader, and when you don’t get it you get upset and rage. Trust me, no one is gonna give you leader right away. You have to work for it.

Apparently though, you like to make a big deal out of things. This morning you even tried to get me to go against ACP, and invade them too. Why would I do this? ACP is our ally, and just because you hate them, does NOT mean we do. Maybe you will learn the ways of CP Warfare one day.

Until then, DCP, Pirates, Night Warriors, and AR will have to teach you a lesson. 😉

On the day of Saturday, September 8, 2012, DCP, Pirates, and AR officially declare war on the Pretzels of CP. If Pretzels wish to use allies, they may. From here on out, the DCP, Pirates, and AR are participating on a fully engaged war, due to the corrupt leadership of Pretzels, and the disrespect he has given all of this. Pain needs to be taught a lesson, and until he leaves Pretzels, we will not forgive or forget. Until your “almighty” leader leaves, you will be continuously attacked.

Best of luck to all armies.

The first invasion will officially start on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. Until then, all of DCP must recruit everyday from here on out. Good luck, and best of luck to Pretzels.

Invasion of Thermal [15 Doritos]

Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Server: Thermal








17 Responses

  1. I can come

  2. 2nd! and yes ill probably be there

  3. 2nd to comment! and yes ill be there(probably)

  4. So unfortunate lol.

  5. I can come

  6. I think I can come

  7. i can come but MIGHT help the pretzals at some battles…

  8. Let’s do this thing!!

  9. Cant come

  10. I can come! :mrgreen:

  11. can come

  12. in my mind for some reason i belive war… on either acp or iw for some reason i know iw is our ally but rather a friendly war! to help iw with events and maybe we can rise more!

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