Change in Events



Hello, Troops!

Over the past few days I have been allowing everyone to slack off. This is going to end today. I know school is coming up, and you are getting busy, but I’m about to be scheduling events each day of the week at the appropriate times for each time zone, considering you are all in school. Even if you aren’t and soon to be, it will still be appropriate times to attend, so you should have no excuse. I go back to school Monday, so I won’t be online during the day, more like the afternoon. I will come home, get on, do my homework, then eat dinner, then have time for DCP. This is your last time to achieve a max of 25 and average of 20. This is your last and final time. If you owners feel you can’t work together as a team today without me arch or mustapha on, then don’t attend the event. But you will have NO choice but to attend this one tonight at 9PM EST. It’s the weekend, and you should be free. If we don’t achieve a max of 25 and an average of 20+, ALL of you will be demoted Sunday at the time of rank updates and additions. Don’t even start with me about “OH, I ATTENDED”, I know you did, and I can tell which ones did and did not. Me and Wwe barely punish you, and now Me, Arch, and Mustapha barely punish you. If we do not achieve it today, you all are demoted 1 rank, including owners (unless you are active and a partially good owner). Yes this also means 3ic’s demoted to 4ic, 2ic’s to 3ic, LIT’s to 2ic. Don’t question me and make the matters worse. Following this, Me and Mustapha will be working together this week to recruit. Also, don’t think we will let you off the hook THIS easy. You will be given a certain number to recruit, and if you don’t achieve it that week, next Sunday you will be demoted yet again. I also request Zepher enforce this today and this week. No, we aren’t falling, but I will admit we are slacking off. Again, this is one simple task tonight, and it’s to achieve a max of 25 and average of 20+. Is that SOO hard that you’re gonna die? No, it’s not. Put more effort into this. All owners of DCP should. I will be giving out owner demotions Sunday anyways.

Can you achieve this, Doritos?

Invasion of Walrus

Where: Walrus [All Over]

When: Saturday, 18th August


4:00 PM EST

3:00 PM CST

2:00 PM MST

1:00 PM PST

Second Cleansing of Summit

Where: Summit [All Over]

When: Saturday, 18th August


9:00 PM EST

8:00 PM CST

7:00 PM MST

6:00 PM PST

I may or may not make the 4PM EST defense, but either Arch OR Mustapha should be on. I would prefer both. Our cleansing of Summit is a “MUST” to win and achieve 25+ as a max and average of 20+.

Can you achieve it?

Event From Yesterday

Special thanks to the owners who tried their best. You all did GREAT considering all 3 of us weren’t there for 3/4 the time.

* Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader *

10 Responses

  1. i am very active as 3ic at events! and i have sevreal doritos that u haven’t counted so i think i shouldnt be demonted also i cam to the event

  2. I will make both of them!!!!

  3. I can make them, sir!!

  4. Request denied.
    I kid. I will make sure everyone recruits. >.>
    Also.. tracking season coming up 😉
    Think that would be a good time to get some UK Recruits

  5. Well glad this got more strict.


  6. Can come

  7. Wow, this is kinda harsh as my mom hogs the computer everyday and she said no more computer during school days….

  8. We aren’t falling, Just a bad event. I’m looking forward to recruit a bunch SOON.

  9. I can’t get on cp so i doin my part in recruiting best i can
    when ever i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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