Rising even more[Read]

Hello Troops,

Well to start off, I would like to say that Alfrondo and I are proud of today’s results. Even though we might have lost size was bigger and at one point at the end DOMINANT, tactics were also quite nice. Well, if we could do so well in that event why don’t we do as well in other events such as the current war with ST? I though of many things, I’ll just give it to you below.

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  • 1.) War isn’t as fun anymore
  • 2.) Time zone
  • 3.) Legends cup are beast *wary*

Those are the reasons I came up with so I will let you guys decide if on some things, I now give you the polls. 0:

That is it, Also as a reminder, Like today please attend all the events you can, help recruit and make sure you are NOT AFK during the battle or before(to help recruit).

3 Responses

  1. Voted on all =D

  2. 1ST! Other for th last one. is win battles against big armies

  3. rawrrrr i just say more serious on the recruitting

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