Legends Cup Results

Hello, Troops!

Today we did a pretty good job at the Legends Cup round. Sadly to say, Ninjas won. It was an overall good battle today, and I am proud of all of you, including Ninjas, if you are reading this.

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Pictures below:

Don’t worry, at least we got this far! Great Job to Ninjas, again! :mrgreen:


Max # of Troops: 24

Average # of Troops: 21

Size: 8.8/10

Tactics: 8.6/10

Chat: 8.8/10 (30 in chat)

Overall: 8.7/10


15 Responses

  1. I came

  2. 2nd and is it just me or does it look like more dcp in these pics

  3. 78562cool was there

  4. I came

  5. I came! And since I’m not getting a promo.. can I get 100 doritos instead? 😀
    Even though I can’t use those either.. lol

  6. im sorry people i went gtg.

  7. I Came!!!


  8. I came 😀

  9. i came 2IC 2IC 2IC 😀

  10. i came 😀 so wait do i get one higher MOD?

  11. i came

  12. Good job guys, at least u guys tried and didnt giv up

  13. Yay promo!

  14. […] The DCP were defeated in a close battle to the Ninjas in […]

  15. It looks like we had bigger size i think ninjas bribed CPAC xD

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