Victory on Cabin

Hey Troops!

Today we logged on early to Cabin with 25+ troops. Soon after the battle started, it was clear who won the battle, DCP. It turns out ST retreated to the Dock after the fail at the Town. I quickly spotted ST troops at the Dock, and DCP quickly moved to the Dock to take victory. Tactics were OK, since some of the orange penguins were rogues. I think we can improve.

Click “Read More” to see our pics.


Max # of Troops: 15-20

Average # of Troops: 16

Size: 7.4/10

Tactics: 6.5/10

Chat: 7.9/10 (18 on chat)

Overall: 7.6/10



14 Responses

  1. great job dcp!

  2. i was there, too!

  3. penguin name: pum pum7

  4. I came.

  5. I came
    ~Orreanna Commander Genral

  6. i Was there Penguinname: Tayloranderes Rank:Mod

  7. i came **sprite** (my name and rank is on the comment name)

  8. I was there Rank:Mod


  9. 78562cool was there

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