State of The Union Address


Edit: We are continuing the war. In the treaty, ST, we never agreed to losing servers if we declare war again. Sorry. 😉 Next time you surrender, I am not being so nice about it. :mrgreen:

Hello, Troops!

It has come to my attention DCP has slacked off a little. It has come to my attention most of you will be going back to school this week, and you won’t be attending most earlier than 4PM. I understand completely. We have reached #6 in the top ten, this is something we have longed for so long. We are finally in the top ten without Wwebestfan, our sole creator. I can’t turn to him with all my problems anymore, I am the one who has to fix them. Right now recruiting is hard because RockHopper is not here yet. I am hereby dedicating myself to recruiting everyday until I reach 15 troops that day. I want each and everyone of you to help me in this venture. This cannot go on much longer. Less than a week ago me and Arch were recruiting 15-30 a day. Mustapha is gone now, and Arch has a RAT and I am left alone. No I am not making any of you LIT’s a Leader. What’s the difference in Leader and Leader In Training? Nothing, except you get editor on the website and main owner. Is that a big deal? No. If we are going to continue to rise, recruit and don’t be lazy. I know you have it in you. Stop asking for ranks, also.

Also, I want to address a problem with owners and other armies. Our moderators and members are as active as can be, but I have noticed many of the owners aren’t active. I see many on different army chats, and I have to tell several to come online during battles. You guys are past the stage where I have to tell you to come online, but yet I still do. If this is not achieved I will replace you. I want this fixed now.

Don’t say sorry to me. You need to fix it yourself. You know who you are, as I am not pointing out names. Can you work on this and achieve this with me? I hope so, because I am not putting up with it anymore. Don’t stop here, my fellow Doritos. Don’t stop.

* Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader *

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