**Includes some cuss words, don’t read it if you don’t want to see them…**


Well, to start off, Hurr did NOT rise us up from the dead, we all did. Before Alf became active again and Hurr even came back we were able to max 20. So Hurr was not our “white prince who brought us back from the dead. Then, you say how ST was the reason we started getting 6+ well no you weren’t the reason we were maxing 6+ was because Alf and I had been inactive for almost 2 weeks, therefore leaving Musta alone to lead.

Dude, stop saying you are going to beat everyone’s ass in a battle, you say that all the time, well look at the damn stats. How many times has DCP beat you? twice. How many times has ST beaten DCP? once. How many times did ST die after the war was over? both fucking times. How many times did DCP die? None. That proves that DCP is stronger than ST, and we CAN and we WILL win this war. Last time you declared war we were on a fall and you knew it, DCP didn’t do the same we waited until you were about the same size as us.

ST you got the last part of your post wrong. Prepare for YOUR death ST, because DCP isn’t going anywhere.

Musta edit: try to kick me when im down and ill break ya leg~lilwayne

You attacked us when we where small, and how many wars have you guys been in such a short period of time? Bro just admit it your a hated army, that should never be remade. You guys always die shortly after being remade, and now that your on your 10th gen with 10 leaders you think you could mess w/ us? LOL, karmas a BITCH. “we’re declaring war on dcp because of our past” << “we’re declaring war on st because of our past” and history repeats itself, and what was the history? Oh yeah it was ST dieng because Vetsd is a failure. He bring back ST after SaW got them to 6th. He basicly just took SaW’s troops and they even gathered all DW’ stroops when DW shut down. You guys are lame. And you guys lost a battle to DCP when it was basicly Mustapha (me) vs 6 other leaders. Yeah you guys lost the invasion of Summit idk where you got the thought of victory from you idiots. You kept attacking us when we where small, and I didn’t want to surrender it wasn’t me who surrendered Wwe did it. I’ll never give up. Vetsd you can’t lead a army alone, you led like 10 different armies alone and got them no where. Everytime I go to ST chat they are like “we should overthrow vetsd” then they cover it up by saying it was a joke when you un-admin/un-editor them. And what treaty are you talking about? Its wwe gave you guys servers to end the war. And besides, if what you guys said was true “if you attack we get all your servers” then why did Vetsd threaten to attack us when we where joking around with LT.


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