Reclaiming My Spot

Arch edit: Can I un-sticky this post now?

Hello, All!

It may be surprising to see me posting, and you may be thinking, FINALLY… Well, I thought it was time. You all didn’t know why I was gone did you? Well I found a free spot/timeline in my life, and I am using that with DCP every chance I do get. I have been with DCP since the beginning, why stop here?

You guys are the best, and believe it or not I will always be here. It is like I was telling Zepher, I am always you here, you guys just do not know it. I get emails from the site with comments and page edits 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. I also get notifications when a user has been removed from the site, and also when there has been unauthorized malicious activity on the website.

I am going into the 9th grade, so please remember that homework will come first so I can make good grades, and also keep in mind, that sometimes I enjoy going out and swimming, and walking, and bike riding, out enjoying the weather. Please do not expect me to be here 24/7, you have other great leaders.

This also brings me to another point. Arch and Mustapha fixed the owner issue, fixed everything. I was waiting until it was fixed, and you guys sustained yourself without one of the old DCP leaders being here, because this is a fact: there will be the time when I turn 15 and I retire. No questions about it. I sure would be ashamed having to tell me girlfriend that I still play club penguin. Also, my girlfriend comes over to my house.. whenever she does, I might still be online, but AFK.

Please understand I will be here on resuming my quest as dominating the top 10. Doritos legacy will live on forever, and ever. I will not say who, but I believe a high-ranked owner in DCP made an unauthorized pending decision in merging with Nachos. I want to tell you that (and yes, you know who you are) you cannot do such a thing, especially if no one gave you permission too, and besides, what would you do, spam the link in chat, and accept the rank as low moderator? I wouldn’t think so. Take it from my point of view, I made the move of merging with Golden Troops. Yes, that was me, I know you are surprised right? Maybe I can recall that time when Wwebestfan was on vacation, and I still kept DCP up. That’s one of the reasons I have the status of co-creator/founder, and one of top 3 biggest legends in DCP history. Hard work pays off in the end, and merging is no way to do so. What I did was a horrible mistake, and I will never do it again. I only hope to teach the same thing to many of you, so you will know once you have your turn as leader, to know that this decision is never accepted in the DCP legacy, and will never be.

Over the next few days, I will be making a new xat account OR editing the one I have to call people to the chat if they are not on, so please bear with me.

I am hereby claiming my spot as DCP 1st Main Leader In Command. I will now hold all passwords to the website, and chat. All decisions must be ran by me first, and accepted upon the leaders. I am hereby also reclaiming my former status of * FUHRER *. Welcome to the new age of DCP, the Age of Glory. Arch is now 2nd Main Leader In Command, along with Mustapha.

Let DCP rise above all, let us recruit, let us earn back our spot in the top 10. We will be gifted, but we must recruit and earn it. Do not give up my fellow Doritos. This week we will have events everyday, and it might even be unscheduled. Stand by me and the others, take pride in what you; and we as a whole family have. Take action in what we deserve, and don’t stop along the way. We must keep going; pledging never to give up.

Welcome To The New Age of Glory, Everyone.


* Alfrondo, DCP Main Leader *

12 Responses

  1. Good thing your here Alfrondo Congrats that your back.

  2. I started clapping.
    The Age of Glory, indeed..

  3. Great post! Alf/Other Leaders, Just so you know, I will be taking a TEMPORARY BREAK from being on the computer which includes DCP. This break will last a month from July, 25th 2012 to August, 25th 2012. I am NOT doing this to get away from DCP. I am only doing this because I think I will need a little bit of a break, and also because I made a bet with my uncle/family that I can go a month without being on the computer. I will miss you all, Oh well if I get demoted or if you guys think I am inactive. Hope I won’t and please don’t.

    • It’s cool. Make sure you attend all the events you can! And don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t get fired/demoted. DCP Forever.

  4. man nacho beat me

  5. Thank you Sprite!!!:D I really do appreciate that from you. It really does mean a lot!!!:D After and before my temporary break, I will be as active as I can and attend as many events as I can. Hope August, 25th comes fast.

    • No Problem. Enjoy your break while you can! We might have a very important event where you might get demoted. But that might never happen. Best Wishes ~Sprite

  6. Thank you again. 😀 Oh well if I miss the event and get demoted, but good luck to all. I believe and all of the troops and leaders and always will!

  7. in a rank changes post made by mustphata he said that i would be tested into 3ic. could we just skip that because i am blocked from xat?

  8. (claps) tht was awesome

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