For the next top 10 [updated]

This post mainly goes for Blueowska or whomever may be doing the top 10 next week, this post will be updated throught the week with our BEST sizes and tactics.

^ Good size, + good tactics the only people not doing the tactics are justinbever6 who is in DCP, Simonradu who I believe is a rouge and some other guy dancing.. the rest are real DCP troops, I think this should make it into the top 8 ATLEAST.

^ Again we have about 17 true DCP troops + about 3-4 rouges, and tactics are amazing.

^ Size of 15 which is what we had in the pictures shown above, proving that we did not have rouges.


Pb vs TG

6 Responses

  1. aww im not on it. 😦

  2. Wow, good chat size. Keep it up. 😀

  3. Great chat size

  4. kk

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