Owner Report Cards

****Owner Report Cards updated 7/23 by SpriteCP & Arch***

  • Owners are expected to recruit 2 a day(14 a week) 2 recruits – 1 points, 7 points – pass grade
  • Activeness – 1 hour a day – 1 point, 6 points – passing grade
  • Events attended – 1 event – 1 point – 10 points to pass(this week only 4 points to pass)


Status: In temporary Demotion. (Stay Tuned)

  • Recruiting: 4/7 Nice Job Recruiting.
  • Activeness: 2/6 Ok. Try to be more active.
  • Events attended: 0/4 You NEVER login to CP. You failed passing grade.


Status : OK.

  • Recruiting: 4/7  You didn’t meet standards, better luck next time!
  • Activeness: 3/6 You have been active as I had expected, but a little more activeness would satisfy me.
  • Events attended: 3/4 Well Done Soildier.


Status: Excellent

  • Recruiting: 5/7 Nice.
  • Activeness: 6/6 Nice.
  • Events Attended: 4/4 Nice.


Status: Nice, Loyal, OK.

  • Recruiting: 4/7 I haven’t seen you recruited lately. Try to recruit more.
  • Activeness: 5/6 Thanks for being Active!
  • Events attended: 4/4 Good Job, Sprite!


Status: Over break

  • Recruiting : 4/7 I haven’t seen you recruited lately. Try to recruit more.
  • Activeness : 4/6 Could be more active.
  • Events attended 1/4 Last Warning

Mini Buffalo:

Status: bad

  • I haven’t seen you as much this week, please start being a bit more active.


Status: ok

  • Recruiting: 4/7 I have seen you recruit.
  • Activeness: 6/6 really good fro you’r time zone.
  • Events attended: No points taken off due to you’r time zone.


Status: Promoted

  • Recruiting: 3.5/7 getting better, just recruit more often
  • Activeness: 6/6 you are really active
  • Events attended: 3/4 I recall you attending most events


Status: ok

  • Recruiting: 2.5/7 you need to recruit more
  • Activeness: 4/6 you were active
  • Events attended: 2/4 you attended most events


The rest is under construction.

4 Responses

  1. Arch. I think my card is wrong. I have been on every chance I get. You can’t expect me to do anymore, because the amount I do: 5 hours per day ( according to my parents) is already getting me in trouble. My dad is giving me his warning. If I go on chat too much, he will take away my comp. I already got in trouble last time for going on till10 pm. I had to retire from DCP for a year. I attended 1 event this week by the way. Not the best, but ok. If 1 hour is enough, I’m on for more than 1 hour. Get your facts straight. You can ask 13. We are on around the same times.

  2. hey

  3. I am so happy to see that I have been promoted on my report card, yet 3/7 isn’t good at recruiting, but it is the right score for me. I promise I will keep recruiting, and hopefully get better. 🙂 Thank you Arch!

  4. what about me get owner?

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