Iceyfeet1234's Last Battle

Hello troops,

So you guys (the DCP) will be leading the opposing side of the battle with SWAT and AR; and maybe someone else, but if you didn’t know; you also have like over 20 other armies on your side, so all leaders better be here to lead for this battle, or there WILL be consequences of some sort.

It will be IW, ACP, Nachos and UMA vs everyone else.

Here is the information:

June 22nd – June 24th/25th (2 and a half days long)

Mammoth, All Over

5pm UK [22nd] – 5am UK [25th]

12pm EST [22nd] – 12am EST [25th]

11am CST [22nd] – 11pm CST [24th]

10am MST [22nd] – 10pm MST [24th]

9am PST [22nd] – 9pm MST [24th]

*During each day there will be two main fighting slots: 12pm EST and 4pm EST.

*Armies can still fight at any time of day other than this time slot.

*All armies will work together (IW’s side vs DCP, SWAT, and AR’s side)


DCP’s side will be wearing Pink, while IW‘s side will just wear their armies normal uniforms.


The rest of the information for this battle can be found here:


This event is for 15 Doritos, so be sure to be there.

❗ Comment if you can come ❗

3 Responses

  1. Can’t my cp won’t work and anyway I’m a nacho & a member of swat & acp.

  2. Ps I think I’m in uma.

  3. I might come.

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